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Why BPC looks same as SD MDVR?

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Most of customers will ask the same questions. That is a good question. We adopt the SD Card MDVR hardware as platform, then burn special system into the hardware. Then it transforms to work with binocular cameras. This new system(counter+cameras),named bus passenger counter(old name auto video counter,APC.)can count people accurately,but not save images or videos into SD cards. SD cards can save lots of station records yet.

Why we use the same hardware?

Because we trust this hardware platform which has running over thousands of buses without any defect.And video people counter can not stop counting in working time. So the reliable performance and quality is the priority in bad bus environment.We must promise its quality and performance before a new design.

Why counter can not record image?

Counting passengers by video technology, is a hard job for current DSP.And current DSP frequency only support counting itself. So in future, a much better and cheap DSP come, we will offer such device with recordings.Anyway, new features may add new cost. And most of buses in the world, has installed Mobile DVR or GPS, so customers may only need counter itself. That is our original design direction.

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