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Why Passenger Counter not  count?

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New customers will meet such problem: bus passenger counter stop counting or never count.If you has same troubles, you can learn below guide:

1.Door Sensor is not connected correctly.

Bus People Counter start counting must keep door open status. People counter msut connect door sensor, so we must keep door sensor setup and its status open. You need to confirm door sensor signal type, and check your door sensor setup in BPC client. You can try to join 2 door sensors. Different bus or model,will has different door sensors quantity and connection. Please contact us  Support  for specific case.  

2.Cameras Parameter is wrong.

Bincular cameras must work with correct camera parameter files, otherwise counter may stop count, or count wrong.

3. Cameras Cable Wrong Connection

Each Binocular Cameras has 2 M12 video connectors, yellow and white one.White one should connect Ch2 or CH4, Yellow one should connect CH1 or CH3. Each counting cameras must connect1/2, 3/4, can not connect wrong.

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